Pike County Family Histories

This page contains family histories that have been submitted by Pike County Researchers. To include you family history here please e-mail me for instructions on how to submit your information. If you have questions on any of the information contained on these pages please e-mail the person who submitted it - their e-mail address is included on their respective page. Thanks for your support of the Pike County GenWeb Page!

Descendants of George Kendrick (Heather Kendrick-Tatro research on the Kendrick family.)

Descendants of Thomas Kendrick (Heather Kendrick-Tatro research on the Kendrick family.)

First Justice Families of Eastern Kentucky (Thomas Harold Justice shares his research on the early Justice family in Eastern Kentucky.)

Simeon Justice 1765-1846 Revolutionary War Drummer (Thomas Harold Justice shares some records concerning Simeon Justice, Revolutionary War Drummer Boy.)

Blackburn Family History (Rebecca Phillips shares her research on the Blackburn family.)

McCoy Family Notes (June White's McCoy Family genealogy notes.)

Descendants of Shadrack Slone (A family history by James R. Johnson, Jr.)

History of One Coleman Family (A family history by Wilma Coleman Stevens)

Telling It Like It Was (A family history by Ireland Everett Layne)

Perry Family (A family history by Zane Perry)

Descendants of John Frazier Estep ( Estep Genealogy submitted by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman.)

Pioneer Settlers of Pike County (See if your family is included and submit information.)

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