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1. Thomas Blackburn was born about 1669 in England.

Thomas Blackburn married ? ?. She was born about 1673 in England. Thomas Blackburn and ? ? had the following children:

+2 i. Richard Blackburn.

3 ii. Edward Blackburn was born about 1694 in Ripon, Yorkshire, England.

4 iii. ? Blackburn was born about 1710 in Ripon, Yorkshire, England.




2. Richard Blackburn was born about 1710 in Ripon, Yorkshire, England.

Richard Blackburn married Mary Watts. She was born about 1714 in Yorkshire, England. Richard Blackburn and Mary Watts had the following children:

+5 i. Thomas Blackburn.

6 ii. Cary Blackburn was born about 1736 in Ripon Lodge, VA.

7 iii. Alice Blackburn was born about 1738.




5. Thomas Blackburn was born about 1742 in Ripon Lodge, Prince William Co., VA. He died on 27 Oct 1807 in Ripon Lodge, VA.

Thomas Blackburn was married to Christina Scott (daughter of James Scott and Sarah Brown) about 1783 in Fairfax Co., VA. Christina Scott was born on 4 Mar 1753/54. She died in Jan 1815 in Alexandria, VA. Thomas Blackburn and Christina Scott had the following children:

+8 i. William Blackburn.

9 ii. Richard Scott Blackburn was born about 1760 in Ripon Lodge, Prince William, VA. He died in 1804/5.

10 iii. Thomas Blackburn was born about 1765 in Ripon Lodge, Prince William, VA.

11 iv. Julie Ann Blackburn was born about 1768 in Ripon Lodge, Prince William, VA. She died on 9 Nov 1829.

12 v. Sara Blackburn was born about 1772 in Ripon Lodge, Prince William, VA.

13 vi. Mary Elizabeth Blackburn was born about 1774 in Ripon Lodge, Prince William, VA.

14 vii. Catherine Blackburn was born about 1780 in Ripon Lodge, Prince William, VA.




8. William Blackburn was born about 1780. He died about 1855. ®1 --letter indicates DOB around 1780 in Eastern TN.

William Blackburn married Virginia Blankenship. She was born about 1780. ®1 -- indicates that she was the first person to be buries on the Taylor Cemetery (now the Davis or Doris Cem.) Pond Creek, Huddy, KY., Pike County. William Blackburn and Virginia Blankenship had the following children:

+15 i. John Blackburn.

+16 ii. Hudson Blackburn.

+17 iii. Peyton Blackburn.

+18 iv. Thomas Blackburn.

+19 v. Harmon Blackburn.

+20 vi. George Blackburn.

+21 vii. James Blackburn.

+22 viii. Rebecca "Betty" Blackburn.

+23 ix. Sarah Blackburn.




15. John Blackburn was born 1816 ®3 in VA. He was buried in Pikeville, KY. He was a Farmer. ®3 -- Lists his age as 34, Lydia as 33 and the following children: Nancey, Jenny, Henrey, Gilbert, Rebecca, Lydia and William

John Blackburn was married to Lydia Blankenship on 11 Oct 1834. Lydia Blankenship was born 1817 ®3 in VA. ®1 - permission to marry was given by her guardian, John Hargis (this name is hard to read and the first name may be incorrect). John Blackburn and Lydia Blankenship had the following children:

+24 i. Andrew J. (Andy) Blackburn.

+25 ii. Nancy Blackburn.

+26 iii. Jennie Blackburn.

+27 iv. Henry Blackburn.

+28 v. Gilbert "Gill" Blackburn.

+29 vi. Rebecca Blackburn.

+30 vii. Lydia Blackburn.

+31 viii. William Blackburn.

+32 ix. Louisa Blackburn.

+33 x. Sarah Blackburn.

+34 xi. Mitchell Blackburn.

+35 xii. Tabitha Blackburn.

+36 xiii. Polly Blackburn.

37 xiv. Mary Jane Blackburn was born about 1855.

+38 xv. Vicey Blackburn.



John Blackburn married second Elizabeth "Betty" Whitt (daughter of Daniel Whitt and Margaret Smith) ? 5 SEP 1867. Elizabeth "Betty" Whitt was born about 1845. John Blackburn and Elizabeth "Betty" Whitt had the following children:

+39 i. Martha Jane Blackburn.

+40 ii. Jacob "Jake" Blackburn.

+41 iii. Catherine "Katy" Blackburn.

+42 iv. Pricy Blackburn.

+43 v. Jim Blackburn.

+44 vi. John Blackburn.

+45 vii. Ance Blackburn.

+46 viii. Basil "Base" Blackburn.

+47 ix. Granvill "Gran" Blackburn.

+48 x. Octavia Blackburn.

16. Hudson Blackburn was born on 10 Nov 1809. He died on 19 Feb 1895.

Hudson Blackburn was married to Mary Catherine Romans on 22 Oct 1834. Mary Catherine Romans was born about 1818. She died on 20 Dec 1900.

17. Peyton Blackburn was born ABT 1816 ®3 in KY. He was killed in the Civil War. He was a Farmer - Land Value Of 160. ®3 taken on ? of September 1850, Reel #M432-217, pg. 489b, enumerated by JW Emmert

Lists Peyton's age as 34, Malinda 24, John 3 and Goerge 2.

Peyton Blackburn was married to Melinda "Linna" Whitt on 22 Mar 1866. Melinda "Linna" Whitt was born ABT 1826 ®2 in KY. Peyton Blackburn and Melinda "Linna" Whitt had the following children:

49 i. John Blackburn was born ABT 1847 ®3 in KY.

50 ii. George Blackburn was born ABT 1848 ®3 in KY.

18. Thomas Blackburn was born ABT 1799 ®3 in In VA. He was a Farmer ®3 Value Of Land Is Stated At 800. ®3 Reel #M432-217. Pg. 436b, Enumerated on the 31st day of July 1850 by J.W. Emmert. Lists age of Thomas as 51.

Thomas Blackburn married Sarah ?. She was born ABT 1802 in VA.

19. Harmon Blackburn was born 1830 in KY. He was a Labourer.

Harmon Blackburn was married to Beverly Plymale ? on 27 NOV 1851. Beverly Plymale was born about 1834.

20. George Blackburn was born about 1837 in KY.

George Blackburn married Nancy ?. She was born about 1839.

21. James Blackburn was born 1817 ®3 in TN. He was a Farmer - Land Value At 200 ®3. ®3 -- Reel # M432-217, Pg. 477a, enumerated by John W. Emmert, on the 6th day of September. Lists his age at 33, Margaret at 27 and the following children: Granville, George, Eliza, Esther and Isom

James Blackburn was married to Margaret "Peggy" Romans on 10 Nov 1839. Margaret "Peggy" Romans was born ABT 1823 ®3 in VA. James Blackburn and Margaret "Peggy" Romans had the following children:

51 i. Granville Blackburn was born 1841 ®3 in KY.

52 ii. George Blackburn was born 1842 ®3 in KY.

53 iii. Eliza Blackburn was born 1843 ®3 in KY.

54 iv. Esther Blackburn was born 1845 ®3.

55 v. Isom Blackburn was born 1847 ®3 in KY.

22. Rebecca "Betty" Blackburn was born about 1845.

Rebecca "Betty" Blackburn married James M. May. He was born about 1843.

Rebecca "Betty" Blackburn married second Levi Thomas on 15 Aug 1847.

23. Sarah Blackburn.


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