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This is not a complete listing of all the Veterans from Pike County.

Registration of Pike County, KY Veteran's Graves


NAME                DATE OF        DATE OF   SECTION      CEMETERY        LOCATION 



Manerd, Lum Unknown Unknown Unknown Wilson Draffin

Marris, N. B. 4/1/1840 6/4/1910 Unknown Scott Pikeville

Marrs, J. P. Unknown Unknown Unknown Pikeville Pikeville

Marse, Harmon Unknown Unknown Unknown Hunt Boldman

Marse, Rooe? Unknown Unknown Unknown Marse Boldman

Marse, Sam 3/1/1833 9/24/1924 Unknown Marse Boldman

Marsh, L. G. Unknown Unknown Unknown Gracie Peter Jamboree

Martin, Silvester 1843 12/9/1865 Unknown Johnson Stewart

Matney, Alexander Unknown Unknown Unknown Matney Family Lick Creek

May, David Unknown Unknown Unknown Veterans Cynthiana

May, Daniel 7/23/1821 8/3/1908 Unknown May Canada

May, Henry Unknown Unknown Unknown N. Tazewell Tazewell, Va

May, John 1760 1/25/1813 Unknown William Keathly Shelby

May, John Unknown 7/23/1908 Unknown Colburn Colburn, Va

May, Mitchel 1834 8/27/1924 Unknown Mill Branch Stone

May, Solmon 1844 Unknown Unknown Colburn Colburn, Va

May, William 4/2/1893 Unknown Unknown Coleman Regina

Maynard, Allen 3/6/1822 2/28/1910 Unknown T. B. Campbell Jettie

Maynard, Alvin 2/1/1844 5/24/1923 Unknown Williamson Williamsom W Va.

Maynard, Decator Unknown Unknown Unknown Maynard Zebulon

Maynard, Decatur 3/4/1836 2/5/1927 Unknown Hickory Flat Zebulon

Maynard, Dock Unknown 1914 Unknown Wilson Draffin

Maynard, James Unknown 5/10/1819 Unknown Scott Heenon

Maynard, John C. 1/18/1841 8/13/1893 Unknown Apple Orchard Heenon

Maynard, John D. 6/7/1842 2/3/1902 Unknown Walker Gulnare

Maynard, Thomas 18?? 1865 Unknown Maynard Zebulon

Maynard, Young 8/4/1842 2/4/1910 Unknown Maynard Leckieville

Maynor, Columbus M., Q. Sgt
Unknown Unknown Unknown Nelson Draffin

Maynord, Alvin Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Zebulon

Maynord, J. B. DR. Unknown Unknown Unknown Maynard Aflex

Maynord, Tom Unknown Unknown Unknown Maynard Zebulon

Mead, Jessie W. 2/14/1839 11/20/1924 Unknown Jessie Mead Moss Bottom

Mead, Keen 2/4/1840 3/14/1920 Unknown Hamilton Moss Bottom

Meade, John M. Unknown 1919 Unknown Chloe Pikeville

Mercer, Thomas 3/3/1895 7/5/1931 Unknown Phillip Myra

Miller, J. P. Unknown 4/17/1914 Unknown Family Zebulon

Miller, Jackson Unknown Unknown Unknown Family Stelle

Miller, Jackson Unknown Unknown Unknown Feds Creek Feds Creek

Miller, Jacob P. 8/16/1842 4/17/1914 Unknown Knob Fork Zebulon

Miller, Johnney Unknown Unknown Unknown Feds Creek Feds Creek

Miller, Samuel H. 4/1/1843 1/15/1912 Unknown Sword Pigeon

Miller, Wayne Unknown 1899 Unknown Roberts Yeager

Mims, Kenis F. 10/25/1843 3/27/1883 Unknown Rirmons Zebulon

Moore, Annias Unknown Unknown Unknown Francis Ashcamp

Moore, Anderson Unknown 6/8/1864 Unknown Veterans Mt. Sterling

Moore, Elx Unknown Unknown Unknown Francis Ashcamp

Moore, Ephriam 11/12/1842 4/26/1909 Unknown Moore Sutton

Moore, Moses 1843 7/8/1919 Unknown Shelby Gap Shelby Gap

Morgan, Frank 1890 1938 Unknown Coleman Greasy Creek

Moris, Jake Unknown Unknown Unknown Pikeville Pikeville

Morris, Rese T. 10/20/1839 8/10/1910 Unknown Morris Boldman

Morris, Samuel W. 3/1/1833 8/14/1924 Unknown Family Boldman

Mounce, Elijah Unknown Unknown Unknown Mounce Majestic

Mounce, David Unknown Unknown Unknown Mounce Majestic

Mounce, Hirsom Unknown Unknown Unknown Mounce Majestic

Mounts, Jackson 11/26/1844 8/24/1917 Unknown Mounts Majestic

Mulins, Patrick Unknown 2/28/1939 Unknown El Flats Praise

Mullins, Alfred 1893 2/23/1939 Unknown Swords Island Creek

Mullins, Allen J. 1840 10/30/1925 Unknown Jacob Weddington Moss Bottom

Mullins, Floyd 4/12/1897 4/26/1927 Unknown John Rice Moss Bottom

Mullins, Jeff Unknown 1935 Unknown Lick Fork Myra

Mullins, Nelse Unknown 1921 Unknown Brushy Fork Lionilli

Mullins, Patrick 1884 2/28/1939 Unknown Family Praise

Mullins, Pink Unknown 1921 Unknown Lick Fork Myra

Mullins, Spencer 10/16/1835 3/9/1930 Unknown Mullins Dickerson, Va

Murphy, Harsom Unknown 1934 Unknown Murphy Fishtrap

Mutter, John W. Unknown Unknown Unknown Feds Creek Feds Creek

McCombs, Miles E. 4/1/1839 1/2/1921 Unknown Pikeville Pikeville

McCory, Coom 8/22/1871 9/14/1915 Unknown McCory Zebulon

McCory, Harmon Unknown 1865 Unknown Dorton Freeburn

McCory, J. W. 4/25/1843 3/20/1917 Unknown Helvie Zebulon

McCory, John Unknown Unknown Unknown McCory Freeburn

McCown, James 4/1/1835 10/9/1904 Unknown Kinney Penny

McCown, Jas. 4/16/1841 2/4/1902 Unknown Kenney Penny

McCoy, Charlie Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Rogers Park

McCoy, Coon Unknown 1920 Unknown Knob Fork Zebulon

McCoy, James M. 10/25/1843 3/20/1917 Unknown Helvie Zebulon

McCoy, Offa 1891 10/20/1918 Unknown Family Sanolia, Tx

McCoy, Silvester Unknown Unknown Unknown McCoy Mary Mack, W. Va

McCoy, Trimble 4/16/1896 1/11/1936 Unknown Robinson Pikeville

McCoy, Trimble 2/10/1898 1/11/1937 Unknown Island Creek Island Creek

McGuire, John Unknown 1864 Unknown Jackson McCombs

McGuire, William Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Minnesota

McPeaks, Josh Unknown Unknown Unknown Francis Ashcamp

McPeck, George 1834 Unknown Unknown Fords Branch Fords Branch


Neeley, John D. 8/4/1840 1/6/1922 Unknown Lawson Meta

Nerkier, James P. 9/23/1843 Unknown Unknown Pikeville Pikeville

Newsom, Dave 3/10/1838 1/31/1918 Unknown Newsom Stewart

Newsom, Fredrick 1/5/1812 8/13/1899 Unknown Newsom Biscuit

Newsom, Hairson 1839 1/10/1910 Unknown Newsom Penny

Newsom, Samuel 1/1/1841 5/17/1917 Unknown Unknown Penny

Newsom, Sweet 4/22/1891 10/20/1918 Unknown Newsom Biscuit

Newsome, David 3/10/1838 1/31/1918 Unknown Newsome Stewart

Newsome, Davinport 1/9/1835 1/9/1879 Unknown Newsome Biscuit

Newsome, Harrison Unknown Unknown Unknown Newsome Penny

Newsome, Lackey G. 1837 1863 Unknown Newsome Biscuit

Newsome, Tolley 8/23/1895 7/17/1940 Unknown Newsome Biscuit

Newson, Sweet 2/24/1896 5/?/1918 Unknown Newsom Robinson Creek

Numery, Mitchell Unknown Unknown Unknown Numery Moss Bottom

Nunley, Oscar 1895 Unknown Unknown May Pinson

Nunley, Tom Unknown Unknown Unknown Nunry Gulnare

Nunnery, Milchel 8/12/1829 3/18/1895 Unknown Nunnery Moss Bottom


Orasbarne, James Ellis Unknown 9/14/1918 Unknown Meathouse Fork Deskin

Osborn, James Ellis 1890 1918 Unknown Flanders Field France

Osborn, Neal 1842 8/15/1910 Unknown Jessee Osborn Wales

Osborne, Shade 1836 1899 Unknown Shade Osborne Virgie

Owens, Charles J. 8/1/1884 11/26/1939 Unknown Pikeville Pikeville

Owens, Teddie 2/16/1896 8/17/1918 Unknown Family Jane, Va


Parsons, Cob Unknown Unknown Unknown Parsons Millard

Paterson, Bill Unknown Unknown Unknown Stringtown Sprigg, W. Va

Pauley, James 12/20/1832 6/30/1903 Unknown Cox Millard

Pauley, Joseph S. 4/6/1842 8/15/1918 Unknown Pauley Canada

Pauley, Shadee R. 4/11/1841 3/17/1896 Unknown Pauley Canada

Perry, Logan 3/12/1895 8/25/1925 Unknown City Pikeville

Peters, William W. Unknown 7/1/1935 Unknown Peters Fishtrap

Phillipps, Landon 1899 3/12/1931 Unknown Cobern Stone

Phillips, Clinton 10/06/1924 10/04/1943 Unknown Grapevine Phyllis KY

Phillips, David G. 11/22/1912 12/16/1990 Mausoleum Annie E Young Shelbiana KY

Phillips, Harper 08/18/1925 10/30/1960 Unknown Dotson Phyllis KY

Phillips, Lee 1898 7/20/1918 Unknown Meathouse Fork Deskins

Phillips, Arbin Unknown Unknown Unknown Phillips Sprigg, W. Va

Phillips, Jesse 1828 1900 Unknown Dutton Edo

Phillips, John 6/6/1836 8/3/1911 Unknown Elkhorn Edo

Phillips, Landon 1894 6/15/18 Unknown Cobern Belfry

Phillips, Lee 3/10/00 7/20/18 Unknown Family Meta

Phillips, Thomas 1893 1/13/1918 Unknown Phillips Deskins

Phillips, Thomas 1895 1/13/1918 Unknown Family Meta

Phillips, Zachariah 1840 1914 Unknown Old Justice Fishtrap

Pinson, Bud Unknown Unknown Unknown Pinson Meta

Pinson, Fred 1891 12/7/1918 Unknown Pikeville Pikeville

Pinson, Moses 1840 1890 Unknown Pinson Meta

Pinson, Thomas 2/28/1828 5/2/1905 Unknown Bent Ridge Meta

Pinson, W. R. Unknown Unknown Unknown Pinson Meta

Poley, Straus Unknown Unknown Unknown Poley Canada

Porter, Eddie Cecil 1/22/1880 Unknown Unknown Porter Boldman

Potter, Andrew 6/4/1828 10/20/1904 Unknown Elkhorn City Elkhorn City

Potter, George Unknown Unknown Unknown Potter Praise

Potter, John 2/1825 9/18/1885 Unknown Potter Ashcamp

Potter, William Patten 3/10/1894 12/10/1918 Unknown Potter Ashcamp

Powell, William 4/29/1880 Unknown Unknown Powell Shelby Gap

Prater, Ezekial 1835 1920 Unknown Prater Greasy Creek

Price, David 1893 Unknown Unknown Brushy Fork Piso

Price, Davie Unknown Unknown Unknown Fairview Williamson, W. Va.

Price, James M. D. 1835 1864 Unknown Veterans Louisa

Price, Thomas Capt 8/24/1783 3/4/1865 Unknown Price Moss Bottom

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