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This is not a complete listing of all the Veterans from Pike County.

Registration of Pike County, KY Veteran's Graves


NAME                   DATE OF        DATE OF   SECTION   CEMETERY        LOCATION



Abshier, Peter 1840 1895 Unknown Belcher Lick Creek

Adams, Alexander 7/15/1835 4/9/1909 Unknown Scottville Scottville, Va

Adams, Isac 1837 /39 3/1/1915 Unknown Annie E. Young Shelbiana

Adams, Poke 6/10/1840 1864 Unknown Broad Bottom Broad Bottom

Adams, William Unknown Unknown Unknown Howard Coal Run

Adams, William 9/6/1896 Unknown Unknown Howard Mayflower

Adkins, Andrew J. Unknown Unknown Unknown Hall Virgie

Adkins, Geo. W. 1837 1917 Unknown Boothe Pikeville

Adkins, Grant J. 10/9/1890 8/18/1926 Unknown Adkins Penny

Adkins, Henry D. Unknown 1915 Unknown Prater Greasy Creek

Adkins, James Edward 4/2/1897 9/7/1972 Unknown Anderson Pikeville

Adkins, Mack 12/23/1891 11/1/19372 Jobe Adkins Long Fork

Adkins, Midget 8/27/1894 12/8/1934 Unknown Lewis Adkins Rockhouse

Adkins, Midget Unknown Unknown Unknown Sol Rowe Lookout

Adkins, Milton 3/3/1839 7/15/1914 Unknown Chanie Millard

Adkins, Ruffice 1894 9/20/1918 Unknown Adkins Millard

Adkins, Rufus Unknown Unknown Unknown Family Millard

Adkins, Rufus Unknown 1918 Unknown Family Nelse

Adkins, Ruthes 1899 Unknown Unknown Emie Adkins Millard

Adkins, Spencer 8/4/1840 6/8/1864 Unknown Veterans Mt Sterling

Adkins, Spurlock 1843 1933 Unknown Adkins Penny

Adkins, William 8/10/1787 7/26/1897 Unknown Adkins Penny

Adkins, Winright Unknown Unknown Unknown Winright Regina

Adkins, Winright Unknown Unknown Unknown Robinson Sutton

Adkins, Winright 2/24/1821 4/23/1903 Unknown Henry Adkins Greasy Creek

Admons, Elix Unknown Unknown Unknown Admons Hallar Sorny

Akers, Wesley 1830 1900 Unknown Akers Pigeon

Allen, Clide 1889 Unknown Unknown Clevenger Coal Run

Allen, Jack Unknown Unknown Unknown Clevenger Stonecoal

Allen, Jackson 10/14/1841 4/26/1926 Unknown Lolliges Creek Coal Run

Anderson, George H. 9/31/1843 1/8/1892 Unknown Anderson Fk Wales

Anderson, Hiram Unknown Unknown Unknown Anderson Fk Wales

Anderson, James E. 2/18/1844 8/21/1939 Unknown Family Wales

Anderson, James F. 1841 1/20/1920 Unknown Anderson Fishtrap

Anderson, James F. 1/14/1846 1/20/1920 Unknown Andrson Jack Fishtrap

Anderson, Jepths 4/9/1848 11/15/1934 Unknown Threemile Gap Shelby


Ball, Basil 10/13/1881 1918 Unknown Veterans France

Ball, Basil 1886 10/19/1918 Unknown Argone American France

Ball, George 1841 1905 Unknown May Pinson

Ball, Green 4/3/1842 12/9/1895 Unknown Ratliff Steel Coal Run

Ball, William 1839 Unkown Unknown May Pinson

Bartley, Asa 9/9/1896 4/8/1936 Unknown Bowling Lookout

Bartley, Charley 10/27/1843 5/24/1916 Unknown Bartley Penny

Bartley, Isac Unknown Unknown Unknown Bartley Lookout

Bartley, James Unknown Unknown Unknown Dry Fork Carmen

Bartley, James 1835 1917 Unknown Bartley Lookout

Bartley, James 1842 1918 Unknown Home Carmen

Bartley, John Unknown Unknown Unknown Bartley Lookout

Bartley, John W. Unknown Unknown Unknown Martha Johnson Hellier

Becker, Mose Unknown Unknown Unknown Hackney Ck. Mouth of Card

Belcher, Jesse D. 6/1/1897 10/26/1918 Unknown Moore Sutton

Belcher, Levi Unknown Unknown Unknown Blaze Branch Dorton

Belcher, Moses Unknown Unknown Unknown Hackney Ck. Mouth of Card

Bentley, Alexander F. 1839 1861 Unknown Family Burdine

Bentley, May 1840 4/10/1864 Unknown Veterans Louisville

Bertran, Enos A. 2/12/1859 10/18/1938Unknown Family Fedscreek

Bertrand, Ea Unknown Unknown Unknown Lee Bertrand Mouth of Card

Bevens, Gim D. Unknown Unknown Unknown Bevens Hestey

Bevens, James 2/3/1845 1/29/1924 Unknown Page Souard Island Creek

Bevens, John Unknown Unknown Unknown Luther Damron Millard

Bevens, John Unknown Unknown Unknown Bent Bridge Meta

Bevens, Mat Unknown Unknown Unknown More Fork Millard

Bevens, Willie Unknown 1918 Unknown Shelbiana Shelbiana

Bevins, Don 3/20/1891 6/16/1922 Unknown Bevins Millard

Bevins, Fred 10/19/1895 1935 Unknown Elkhorn Edo

Bevins, Geo. M. D. 2/18/1842 9/26/1917 Unknown Bevins Heisey

Bevins, James M. 4/2/1836 1910 Unknown Moore Sutton

Bevins, John 4/26/1840 3/20/1901 Unknown Bent Bridge Meta

Bevins, John W. 10/16/1845 8/18/1893 Unknown Charles Millard

Bevins, John W. Unknown Unknown Unknown Bevens Meta

Bevins, John W. 12/18/1841 1/13/1901 Unknown Bent Bridge Meta

Bevins, K. E. Unknown 12/15/1862 Unknown Bevins Heisey

Bevins, Keen E. 4/6/1841 1864 Unknown Bevins Heisey

Bevins, Madison Unknown 7/16/1937 Unknown Family Meta

Bevins, Tomas Unknown Unknown Unknown Smith Canada

Bevins, William 10/16/1890 8/2/1918 Unknown Ratliff Shelbiana

Billeter, John W. 7/11/1838 11/29/1913 Unknown Billeter Pikeville

Billeter, W. M. C Unknown Unknown Unknown Justice Pikeville

Billeter, Charlie 10/18/1890 7/22/1934 Unknown Kendrick Pikeville

Bishop, Perry Unknown Unknown Unknown Bishop Lick Creek

Bishop, Perry Unknown Unknown Unknown Lick Creek Lick Creek

Bishop, Perry 3/13/1873 4/2/1926 Unknown Lick Creek Lick Creek

Bishop, Perry 1874 Unknown Unknown Bishop Lick Creek

Bishop, W. E. Unknown Unknown Unknown Bishop Lick Creek

Blackburn, Delmon 4/6/1895 7/29/1921 Unknown Family Fishtrap

Blackburn, G. W. Unknown 1921 Unknown Blackburn Fishtrap

Blackburn, George 1/1836 2/11/1903 Unknown Blackburn Zebulon

Blackburn, George W. Unknown Unknown Unknown Blackburn Zebulon

Blackburn, Hutson 2/27/1922 3/22/1992 Unknown Damron Heirs Collins, KY

Blackburn, Malcom 1890 1921 Unknown Blackburn Zebulon

Blackburn, Payton 1/24/1842 1/4/1918 Unknown Family Meta

Blackburn, Thanel 1837 1908 Unknown Family Fishtrap

Blackburn, Wash 1830 1864 Unknown Veterans Louisa

Blackhern, George W. 4/16/1836 2/11/1903 Unknown Blackburn Zebulon

Blackman, Delmon Unknown 7/29/1924 Unknown Blackman Fishtrap

Blackman, G. W. Unknown Unknown Unknown Blackman Zebulon

Blackman, George W. Unknown Unknown Unknown Blackman Coal Run

Blackman, Gersy Unknown Unknown Unknown Mat Blackman Fishtrap

Blackman, Gilborn Unknown Unknown Unknown Blackman Varney

Blackman, John L. Unknown Unknown Unknown Blackman Meta

Blackman, Kim Unknown Unknown Unknown Cobern Huddy

Blackman, Malcom Unknown 1928 Unknown Blackman Fishtrap

Blackman, Nathaniel Unknown Unknown Unknown Blackman Millard

Blackman, Pation Unknown Unknown Unknown Blackman Meta

Blackman, Peyton Unknown Unknown Unknown Blackman Meta

Blair, Isaac 1841 1930 Unknown Potter Yeager

Blair, Jacob C. 2/29/1869 6/10/1916 Unknown Coleman Yeager

Blair, John 4/26/1840 6/26/1925 Unknown Blair Moss Bottom

Blair, W. P. J. 4/20/1843 7/16/1910 Unknown Jacob Weddington Moss Bottom

Blankenship, Barnnett Unknown Unknown Unknown Mayland Hall Virgie

Blankenship, Bony 1/9/1884 5/12/1917 Unknown Blankenship McCombs

Blankenship, Bruce 3/21/1898 6/19/1919 Unknown Blankenship Moss Bottom

Blankiship, Bird Unknown Unknown Unknown Paw paw Paw Paw

Blankiship, Billie Unknown Unknown Unknown Blankenship Phelps

Blankiship, Jan Unknown Unknown Unknown Camp Creek Argo

Blankishy, Bruce 4/21/1888 5/14/1919 Unknown Blankenship Cowpen

Blankishy, Presley Unknown Unknown Unknown Camp Creek Argo

Bockus, A. G. 12/24/1836 9/14/1885 Unknown Dils Pikeville

Boger, Joe 1840 1885 Unknown Boger Sidney

Boger, John 1836 1885 Unknown Dicks Fork Canada

Boggs, Clarence E. Unknown Unknown Unknown Buscurt Freeburn

Boggs, Eph Unknown Unknown Unknown Buscurt Matewan, W Va

Boker, Joe Unknown Unknown Unknown Boker Canada

Boling, Henry 1/25/1825 8/23/1904 Unknown Boling Hellier

Bonds, Charlie Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown France

Bowe, William H. 1/2/1840 1862 Unknown Veteran Richmond, Va

Bowles, O. C. 4/1/1834 6/4/1893 Unknown Bowles Pikeville

Bowles, Orlando C. 3/15/1838 3/7/1890 Unknown Bowles Pikeville

Bowling, Henry Sr 2/25/1826 9/23/1904 Unknown Bowling Lookout

Bracken, William H. Unknown Unknown Unknown Prater Greasy Creek

Branham, Alfred 6/1/1840 6/15/1915 Unknown Kenney Penny

Branham, John Unknown 1910 Unknown Old Bill Little Stewart

Branham, Richard 1837 Unknown Unknown Branham near Dorton

Branham, Richard 1846 3/13/1932 Unknown Threemile Shelby Gap

Brewer, James 2/2/1845 1/29/1924 Unknown Peggy Sword Pikeville

Brooks, E. H. 1855 1898 Unknown Dils Pikeville

Brooks, E. H. Unknown Unknown Unknown Chloe Pikeville

Brown, Clarence Unknown 1940 Unknown Moss Bottom Moss Bottom

Brown, Jacob 2/8/1841 4/17/1929 Unknown Hughes, Brown Yeager

Brown, Smith Unknown 1924 Unknown Dicks Fork Canada

Brown, William Codia 12/26/1894 9/29/1918 Unknown Stanley Canada

Brown, William S. 4/13/1836 9/28/1926 Unknown Stanley Canada

Bumgardner, John 2/2/1838 4/8/1891 Unknown Bumgardner Dorton

Burke, Green 7/7/1835 10/26/1929 Unknown Burke Virgie

Burke, James 1835 1905 Unknown Min Sowards Pigeon

Burke, Jarvis Unknown 1/26/1926 Unknown Johnson Hartley

Burke, Jim Unknown Unknown Unknown Min Sowards Pigeon

Burke, Mose Unknown Unknown Unknown Joe Trivette Virgie

Burke, Moses 3/14/1841 7/1/1933 Unknown New Mt. Olive Malneton Greenup, Co.

Burke, Steve 1843 4/2/1924 Unknown Pleasant Johnson Hartley

Burke, William B. 2/14/1887 12/12/1918 Unknown Burke Etty

Burke, William J. 11/19/1896 3/17/1938 Unknown Cline Pikeville

Burnett, Victor 2/8/1892 12/23/1923Unknown Pikeville Pikeville

Burris, Jim Unknown Unknown Unknown Burris Heisey


Calhoun, Joseph 1845 1895 Unknown Neal Little Hartley

Camel, David 3/12/1840 1/29/1917 Unknown Cocks Millond Millard

or Campbell,

James Mathison 7/20/1840 5/9/1863 Unknown Camel Pikeville

Campbell, David 1840 1900 Unknown Cox Millard

Cantil, Isia Unknown 8/9/1919 Unknown Cantil Shelby Gap

Carlton, John R. 4/28/1836 5/1/1918 Unknown Elliot Beaver

Carter, E.S. Unknown Unknown Unknown Carter Coleman

Casebolt, Dave 1840 1866 Unknown Ray Robinson Creek

Casebolt, Hiram Unknown Unknown Unknown Casebolt Wales

Castle, John W. 4/15/1853 4/19/1926 Unknown Sanders Hylton

Catrell, Hiram 3/27/1825 2/8/1916 Unknown Francisco Ashcamp

Caudill, Harvey 1834 11/11/1899Unknown Joe Trivette Jonancy

Chanie, Jonathana Harvey

or Chancey, Jonathon Unknown 8/7/1913 Unknown Chanie Millard

Charles, Andrew J. 2/25/1835 4/29/1911 Unknown Charles Millard

Charles, George Unknown Unknown Unknown Home Ira, Virginia

Charles, John 1885 1922 Unknown Pinson Zebulon

Charles, John Unknown Unknown Unknown Charles Phelps

Charles, John 4/6/1835 5/10/1907 Unknown Jake Morris Zebulon

Charles, Mose Unknown Unknown Unknown Home Ira, Virginia

Charles, Thomas Unknown Unknown Unknown Pinson Zebulon

Charles, Jack Unknown Unknown Unknown Luther Damron Millard

Chatman or Chopman,

Noah or Noah C. 1890 Unknown Unknown Lorn May Carmen

Chatman, Thomas Unknown Unknown Unknown Chatman Freeburn

Chielders, Ervin 12/17/1898 1/4/1919 Unknown Francisco Ashcamp

Chielders, Lon 1834 9/10/1917 Unknown Toytor Thomas

Childers, Alex 1843 1915 Unknown Ratliff Lookout

Childers, Beve 1898 4/3/1905 Unknown Deskin Deskin

Childers, Dave Unknown Unknown Unknown Coleman Marrowbone

Childers, David 1843 4/6/1905 Unknown Yellow Hill Regina

Childers, Ervin 12/17/1898 1/4/1919 Unknown R.L.C. Francis Ashcamp

Childers, Jimmy Unknown 2/17/1931 Unknown Sescoe Ashcamp

Childers, John 1/9/1844 6/15/1898 Unknown Bartley Hellier

Childers, Wesley 1841 1919 Unknown Preston Richardson

Childirs, Landom 2/23/1896 9/9/1919 Unknown Potter Unknown

Chuch or Church, John Unknown Unknown Unknown Honey Fork Belcher

Clark, Danel Unknown Unknown Unknown Sickmor Gulnare

Clay, Fleming 1835 1864 Unknown Veterans Louisa

Clay, Mitchell 12/1/1825 1/30/1898 Unknown Pikeville Pikeville

Clevenger, Landon 2/18/1895 or 98 2/18/1936 Unknown Clevenger Carmen

Clevenger, Orling Unknown Unknown Unknown Williamson Varney

Clevenger, Pinson 10/8/1840 4/16/1910 Unknown Scott Coal Run

Clevenger, Silas or

Sillas 3/14/1841 2/4/1901 Unknown Clevenger Coal Run

Cole, Thompson 4/5/1842 2/10/1888 Unknown May Robinson Creek

Coleman, Ben 2/11/1898 4/14/1924 Unknown Buddie Ratliff Lookout

Coleman, Daniel Unknown Unknown Unknown Coleman Venters

Coleman, Daniel Unknown Unknown Unknown Family Coleman

Coleman, Daniel 0/6/1830 3/10/1899 Unknown Family Carmen

Coleman, Daniel B Unknown Unknown Unknown Family Paw Paw

Coleman, Daniel B 1822 1905 Unknown Coleman Regina

Coleman, David 1835 1905 Unknown David Coleman Greasy Creek

Coleman, James K. Unknown 1/27/1927 Unknown Johnson Unknown

Coleman, Joel Unknown Unknown Unknown Buddie Ratliff Lookout

Coleman, John 5/3/1844 5/17/1931 Unknown Coleman Carmen

Coleman, Jos. 8/18/1840 7/13/1910 Unknown Buddie Ratliff Lookout

Coleman, Miles 1840 1922 Unknown Family Moss Bottom

Coleman, Mose 6/4/1835 12/25/1928 Unknown Mose Coleman Millard

Coleman, Mose or Mose

Jr. Unknown Unknown Unknown Smith Carter Jamboree

Coleman, Thanel or

Nathenial 1840 1915 Unknown Coleman Millard

Coleman, Wayne 2/12/1893 9/20/1936 Unknown Mill Branch Stone

Coleman, William Unknown Unknown Unknown Family Leet, W. Va

Coleman, William 1841 4/1/1918 Unknown Mossy Rock Mossy Rock, Washington

Collins, Meredith 1760 1840 Unknown Unknown Unknown

Collins, Tom Unknown Unknown Unknown Collins McCombs

Collinsworth, Thomas 1832 9/30/1892 Unknown Collinsworth McCombs

Colman, Danel Unknown Unknown Unknown Coleman Coleman

Colman, Danel B. Unknown Unknown Unknown PawPaw Creek Paw Paw

Colman, Mose or

Coleman, Moses Sr Unknown Unknown Unknown Dabes Millard

Colman, Nathanel Unknown 1920 Unknown Coleman Millard

Colman, Ribe Unknown 5/7/1914 Unknown Coleman Millard

Colman, Steve Unknown Unknown Unknown Justice Fishtrap

Compton, Billie or

William 1833 1900 Unknown Mim Soward Pigeon

Compton, J. W. 1841 1913 Unknown Family Yeager

Compton, James Unknown 6/23/1937 Unknown Family Yeager

Compton, John W 4/30/1841 6/7/1922 Unknown Big Hill Yeager

Conway, William M. 1/2/1830 1862 Unknown Charles Zebulon

Cool, James 1/14/1840 5/14/1920 Unknown Rowe Lick Creek

Cool, Jasper Unknown Unknown Unknown Rool Lick Creek

Coole, James Unknown Unknown Unknown Justice Fishtrap

Covins, G. W. 8/0/1846 Unknown Unknown Col. Dils Pikeville

Cox, John Unknown Unknown Unknown Cox Nelse

Craft, Leonard 1893 1925 Unknown Elkhorn Praise

Cross, John M. 1841 3/29/1905 Unknown Akers Pigeon

Crum, Mont 12/15/1893 2/21/1941 Unknown Ratliff Draffin

Cumings, Wade 1896 1918 Unknown Veterans France

Cury, Lewis Unknown Unknown Unknown McCoy Mary Mack, W Va.

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