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churchdinnerlickfork.jpg Left side of the photo Gillam family.
Seated next to the young Gillam my Great Grandfather, Francis Marion Horne.
Son Joseph Smith Horne is holding his arm.
My Grandmother Mary Horne Mullins directly behind man next to Joseph Horne.
Over Mary's right shoulder is Goldie Cook Horne wife of Thomas Marion Horne.
The young man holding a biscuit is Bill Horne.
Next to Bill, in bib overalls, is my father, Charles Earl Mullins, son of Everett Everson and Mary Horne Mullins
In front of my dad is Leslie Horne. Behind my dad is Carl Phipps, son of Zora and Martha Horne Phipps.
Behind Carl is Audra Horne, the daughter of Albert Newton Horne.
Photo taken same day as the dinner on the grounds at Lick Fork
Submitted by: Mary Tuttle
churchdinnereastfork.jpg Church dinner at East Fork.
Can you identify anyone pictured?
Submitted by: Mary Tuttle
albertlutherhorne1930.jpg Left to right: Albert Bell....????....Luther Horne
Can you identify the lady in the center of the photo?
Submitted by: Mary Tuttle
lutherhornefriends.jpg Photo of Luther Horne (extreme left) and three friends.
Seeking identification of others in photo.
Submitted by: Mary Tuttle
nancyjanemullinshorne.jpg Photo of Church Dinner?
In the upper right hand side of this photo and wearing a white apron is my Great Grandmother, Nancy Jane Mullins Horne, the daughter of Smith Crittenden and Sarah Craft Mullins
Can anyone supply identification of others or additional information on this photo?
Submitted by: Mary Tuttle
possiblyhenryhornefamily.jpg Tin Type Photo
Possibly Henry Horne family.
Can you verify or identify anyone in this photo?
Submitted by: Mary Tuttle
smithhorneirajuly1940.jpg Photo of Joseph Smith Horne and Ira---?
July 1940
Submitted by: Mary Tuttle

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