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roscoe.jpg Roscoe Vanover born 7 Sept. 1863 Wise Co., VA.
Died 18 Sept 1927 Pike Co., KY
Son of John Hill "Huffy John" and Keziah (Landreth) Vanover.
He was a lawyer and Judge in Pike Co.
Submitted by: Rebecca Baker
martha.jpg Martha (Potter) Vanover of Pike Co. KY
Wife of Roscoe Vanover.
Daughter of John Boone and Susannah "Sookie" Sanders Potter.
Photo taken C. 1906
Submitted by: Rebecca Baker
stills.jpg Roscoe Vanover election postcard.
Circuit Court Judge candidate for Pike and Letcher Counties
6 August 1921.
Submitted by: Rebecca Baker
vanoverfamily.jpg Roscoe Vanover family photo taken about 1906.
Roscoe Vanover and Martha Potter married on 10 Sept 1885.
Back Row L to R: Grace (b. 8 Sept 1895 Pike Co. KY d. 1975) Mary "Elizabeth" (b. 27 Apr 1891 Pike Co. KY d. 20 Oct 1980) Marcella (b. 6 Feb 1889 Pike Co. KY d. 18 Jan 1964) Matilda (b. 19 Nov 1886 Pike Co. KY d. May 1969) Roscoe (b. 6 Sept 1893 Pike Co. KY d. 1966)
Front Row L to R: Florence (b. 7 Aug 1899 Pike Co. KY d. 18 Apr 1978) Judge Roscoe Vanover holding Palmer (b. 5 Jul 1903 Pike Co. KY d. 12 Dec 1921) Martha Potter Vanover holding Robert (b. 21 Aug 1905 Pike Co. KY d. Apr 1977) John (b. 9 Aug 1901 Pike Co. KY d. 12 Mar 1973) Russell (b. 22 Aug 1897 Pike Co. KY d. 11 Jan 1984).
Children born after this picture was taken: Curtis (b. 23 Aug 1907 Pike Co. KY d. 28 May 1978), Maxine (b. 19 Jul 1909 Pike Co. KY d. 28 Feb 1991), and Thomas (b. 3 Feb. 1912 Pike Co. KY d. 26 Jan 1917).
Submitted by: Rebecca Baker
martha-sisters.jpg Center: Martha Potter born 23 May 1869 Pike Co. KY.
Died 20 May 1938 Pike Co. KY.
Also shown sisters Susan (b. Dec 1871) and Didema (b. 31 Jul 1874).
Daughters of John Boone and Susannah "Sookie" Sanders Potter.
Photo taken C. 1930
Submitted by: Rebecca Baker
mvanoverobit.jpg Martha (Potter) Vanover Obituary
Submitted by: Rebecca Baker
oraleewilliams.jpg Oralee Wiliams
Daughter of Florence Mae Vanover (b. 7 Aug 1899) of Pike Co. KY
and Edward Franklin Williams (b. 23 Mar 1893 Ashe Co. NC).
Photo taken C. 1923
Submitted by: Rebecca Baker

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