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Transcriptions of Pike County KY Circuit Court Records

Transcribed by Wayne Duncan. The records are in average to poor condition and are extremely difficult to read and decipher the handwriting style. For the sake of originality, I did not change any words or add any grammatical markings. If I could not decipher a word or it was unreadable, my transcription has a _____ for that word.

Pike Circuit Court

Aaron Wright, Plaintiff


William Fleming, Defendant

File Aug. 28, 1848

Pike County & Circuit Court Dct

Aaron Wright, plaintiff complains of William Fleming, deft in custody & ___ of trespass- for that the said deft on the ____ day of 1848 at the county and circuit aforesaid with force and arms made an assault upon the said plff and then and there seized and laid hold of the said plff and with great force and violence pulled shook and draged about him , the said plff and with his fist gave and struck the said plff a freat many violent blows & strokes on and about diverse parts of his boddy, and also then and there cast, finished and threw the said plff down to and upon the the ground and then and there and gave him and struck him a great many other blows and strokes.

And also then and there with great force and violence ruint tore and damaged the clothes and wearing apparrel: to wit: one waiscoat, one pair of breeches, one cravat, one shirt and one hat of the said plff of great value to wit: of the value of $300 - which he the said plff when and there wore and with which he was clothed. By means of which said several promises the said plff was then and there greatly hurt, bruised, wounded, and ill-treated. And became and was sick, sore, lame and disordered. And so remained and continued for a long space of time, to wit: for the space of three weeks then next following, during all which time said plff _____ underwent and suffered great inconvenience and pain.

And also, for that the said deft on the day and year aforementioned with force and arms at the county and circuit aforesaid made another assault upon the said plaintiff and then and there beat, bruised, wounded and ill-treated him and other wrongs to the said plff when and there did against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and to the damages of the said plff of $500 - and therefore he sues.

H. M. Rust, P._

This is an action of trespass vict armis and no bail is required.

H.M. Rust, P.__.


The commonwealth of Kentucky to the Sheriff of Pike County greetings, we command you to take William Fleming if found in your county and and him safely keep so that you have his body before the Judge of our Pike Circuit Court at the courthouse in Pikeville on the 1st day of our next October term to answer Aaron Wright to a plea of trespass vict armis damages of $500 and have then there this with witness John M. Richardson, clerk of our said court, this 28th day of August 1848 and in the 57th year of the Commonwealth.

Attest: John M.Richardson, Clk

This is an action of tresspass vict armis damages $500 and no bail is required.

H. M. Rust,


Aaron Wright


William Fleming

To October Term 1848

1 Day

Not Executed by orders of attorney for plaintiff.

H. K. Bevins DS for Thas May, she


Wright Vs. Fleming

Dct filed 28 August 1848

Capis ass. 28 Aug 1848

Re-- to Oct term 1848 1 day

April term 1849


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