1850 Pike County Kentucky Census

Thanks to S-K Publications for providing the census page photocopies from which this transcription was made. The complete original handwritten census of this county is available in book form (including a typed index) from S-K Publications PO Box 8173, Wichita KS 67208

Transcribed by Susan Martucci. This document may be freely used, but never sold.

Pike County, Kentucky 1850 Census Information and Statistics

The Page numbers for this census begin with 434 stamped in the upper right corner. Beginning on page 435, there is a handwritten number on most of the stamped pages. When the number is there, I have included "pg xxx" on the reference line for that page.

In the 1850 Census transcription, there are the following statistics:

899 Family Groups (numbered 1-905)
5267 Individuals
2547 Females (48%)
2715 Males  (52%)

Age Statistics
37% are <10 years old
25% are 10-19
17% are 20-29
9%  are 30-39
5% are 40-49
3% are 50-59
2% are 60-69
1% is 70-79
12 people are 80-89
5 people are 90-100
Oldest individual is 100

Birth Places

70% of individuals were born in Kentucky
25% of individuals were born in Virginia
3% of individuals were born in North Carolina
The remaining individuals were born in the following places: Canada, Delaware, France, Georgia, Germany, Iowa, Illinois, Ireland, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Scotland, and Tennessee The most common surnames (having 70-150 individuals with the same spelling) were: Ratliff, Justace, Smith, Adkins, Johnson, May, Slone, McCoy, Coleman, Hatfield, Thacker, and Rowe Occupation Information: The most common occupation was a farmer with 763 individuals. Labourers were another 387 individuals. The county had 18 Carpenters, 12 Blacksmiths, 8 Merchants, 6 School Teachers, 5 Physicians and 4 Baptist Ministers, 3 CB Ministers, and 2 ME Ministers. All remaining occupations had 3 or fewer individuals.

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1850 Pike County Census

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