1850 Census of Pike County, KY
transcribed by Susan Martucci

There are 126 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

434a 434b 435a 435b 436a 436b 437a 437b 438a 438b 439a 439b 440a 440b 441a 441b 442a 442b 443a 443b 444a 444b 445a 445b 446a 446b 447a 447b 448a 448b 449a 449b 450a 450b 451a 451b 452a 452b 453a 453b 454a 454b 455a 455b 456a 456b 457a 457b 458a 458b 459a 459b 460a 460b 461a 461b 462a 462b 463a 463b 464a 464b 465a 465b 466a 466b 467a 467b 468a 468b 469a 469b 470a 470b 471 471b 472a 472b 473a 473b 474a 474b 475a 475b 476a 476b 477a 477b 478a 478b 479a 479b 480a 480b 481a 481b 482a 482b 483a 483b 484a 484b 485a 485b 486a 486b 487a 487b 488a 488b 489a 489b 490a 490b 491a 491b 492a 492b 493a 493b 494a 494b 495a 495b 496a 496b

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Thanks to S-K Publications for providing the census page photocopies from which this transcription was made. The complete original, handwritten census of this county is available in book form (including a typed index) from S-K Publications, PO Box 8173, Wichita KS 67208 (www.skpub.com/genie/census.html).

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