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This page contains information on the Potter Family Cemetery. The information on this page was submitted by Letha Berry. It is for personal genealogy use only and any reproduction of this page without my written consent is prohibited. Should you have any questions concerning this information please email me by clicking on my name.

The Potter Family Cemetery is located on the right fork of Beaver Creek . There were about 7 sandstone marked graves which I was unable to read. I visited this cemetery on March 4, 2000 and did this transcription at that time. It is possible I have made errors.

1902                             Father
Baxter Potter                 G. W. Potter
Dec                          December 25, 1823
Jul 23                       April 18, 1925
                             Prepare to meet me in Heaven

Babe Potter                  Polly Potter
March 15, 1856               September 25, 1584
February 27, 1934            July 31, 1936
Gone but not forgotten       Gone but not forgotten

Roma Potter Belcher           Bertain Belcher
1894 - 1957                   Son of Ona & Roma Belcher
Beloved Mother                March 20, 1935
                              December 23, 1935
                              A little time on earth he spent.
                              Till God for his Angel sent.
Bonnie May

Tammy Ramey
1964 - 1993

  Husband                          Minnie Potter
Adam Potter                        November 30, 1878
April 1, 1876                      November 3, 1959
October 4, 1936                  
Having finished life's duty
He now sweetly rest.

Nilen Potter
March 11, 1904
August 25, 1932

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