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This page contains information on Kings Cemetery # 1. The information on this page was submitted by Steve Straut and remains his property. It is for personal genealogy use only and any reproduction without his written consent is prohibited. Should you have any questions concerning this information please email him by clicking on his name.

The Kings Cemetery # 1 is located up the hill to the right and in back of 4146 Millers Creek Road, Pikeville, Pike Co., KY. The cemetery is completely grown over with high grass/weeds and not maintained very well at all. There are a few "stone" markers.

Lunzo Wheeler                                   Ethel Wheeler
1929-1984                                       1942-1987

William H. Deboard                          Clarence Wheeler
1908-1986                                       1922-1956

Russell McCown, Jr.                         Russell McCown
1932-1988                                       1954-1987

? Meade                                         Angela A. Blackburn
1877-1961                                       1977-1983

Mary (Cavins) King                          Unmarked Grave of:
18 Sep 1900 - 8 May 1982                        Roscoe Cavins
                                          12 Jun 1917 - Aug 1984

Unmarked Grave of:                          Unmarked Grave of:
William T. Cavins                     Ala Lucinda Francis (Deboard)Cavins
1871-1952                                       1879-1958

Note:  Lunzo Wheeler and Ethel Wheeler are husband and wife Russell McCown, 
Jr.  is father of  Russell McCown.

The below listing is from Kings Cemetery #2, Bill King Hollow, Williamson
Rd., Pikeville, located up steep hill (what else).  Cemetery is well taken
care of:

George R. Cavins                                Robert G. Cavins
4 Jan 1916 - 27 June 1969                 July 5, 1942 - July 23, 1972
                                          Kentucky SP4 U.S. ARMY Vietnam

Elsie Jane (Gibson) Cavins                  Curtis Lamb
1928 - 1964                             Pvt, U.S. Army WWII

                                      22 Mar 1921 - 4 Dec 1968

George H. Cox                                   Phebe D. King
1883 - 1968                                     Mar 17, 1870
                                                Mar 28, 1958
                                       Beloved Wife of Wm. H. (Bill King)
                                           In Love With You Forever

Note:  William King is unfortunately buried in unmarked grave beside his
beloved wife Phebe,  surrounded by a beautiful handmade stone fence, that he
lovingly created for her.

John A. Davis                                   Terry Dale Smith
Oct 30, 1887                                        1954 - 1960
Mar 30, 1919

Magdaline Cavins                                Charlie O'Quinn
1904 - 1957                                     7-15-1890 / 10-11-95

Goldie Alma (O'Quinn) Cavins
12-8-1919 / 9-20-1995

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