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This page contains information on the Rissie Branham Cemetery. The information on this page was submitted by Gary Anderson and remains his property. It is for personal genealogy use only and any reproduction without his written consent is prohibited. Should you have any questions concerning this information please email him by clicking on his name.

The Rissie Branham Cemetery is located at the 2nd right turn pass Shelby Valley High School south on U.S. 23.

Elisha       b. 10-16-1884               d.2-26-1943
Rissie       b. 10-18-1891               d. 10-30-1970
Lorraine         1954
Spurlock     b.7-9-1928                  d. 2-9-1970  Vet.(Korea)
George       b.6-13-1923                 d. 4-21-1950 Vet(WW2)
Billy Ray    b.5-6-1937                  d.10-18-1990
Catherine    b.2-21-1939
Mae          b.1-4-1909                  d.8-28-1967
Victoria     b.6-22-1891                 d.12-17-1926
Bud          b.2-25-1890                 d.5-4-1978
Jerry Jean       1956

Ambers       b.May 1879                  d.March 1944
Plinie       b.March 1884


Myrtle       b.5-8-1898                  d.7-15-1954
Ellis        b.4-14-1907                 d.9-8-1966
Adam         b.9-15-1908                 d.10-16-1977
Dollie       b.10-22-1907                d.7-1-1969
Bufford      b.11-16-1930                d.5-15-1957
Amos         b.5-8-192-                  d.12-25-1944  Vet(WW2)
Kate         b.10-30-1886                d.1-30-1972
Basil        b.9-15-1883                 d.6-5-1977
Franklin     b.3-28-1932                 d.12-1-1984
Abel Darrin  b.3-2-1966                  d.9-17-1991
Teresa Ann   b.8-6-1962
Spurlock     b.1904                      d.1969
Ann          b.1895                      d.1959
George W.    b.5-12-1917                 d.2-15-1958   Vet (WW2)
Billy Ray    b.1952                      d.1952
John         b.1-4-1906                  d.10-21-1975
Molly        b.10-26-1917                d.
Abel         b.9-7-1915                  d.12-29-1983   Vet(WW2)
George       b.1861                      d.12-25-1941
Polley       b.1-12-1853                 d.2-27-1927


John         b.5-13-1925                 d.4-7-1978      Vet(WW2)
W.E.         b.1890                      d.1971
Allen        b.1927                      d.1953


Earl         b.1916                      d.1969
Carrie       b.1915                      d.1970


Salley       b.2-4-1907                  d.1-26-1994
Lillie       b.2-28-1903                 d.1-13-1992
Opal Sanders b.9-24-1912                 d.8-28-1960
Zondola      b.5-16-1925                 d.1-11-1998
Lee          b.4-5-1915                  d.8-1-1982


Nona          b.3-6-1924                 d.9-5-1955
John Henry    b.9-19-1937                d.7-29-1997
Helen G.      b.10-20-1943
Wyoming       b.2-4-1915                 d.12-28-1937
Henry         b.3-31-1915                d.11-5-1990
Willard       b.6-16-1911                d.1-20-1965   Vet (WW2)
Earnestine    b.3-10-1956                d.5-28-1956


Tom           b.8-16-1903                d.7-4-1968
Gusta B.      b.8-9-1914                 d.4-20-1991
Myrtle Damron b.8-21-1921                d.10-11-1994
John          b.5-11-1814                d.5-22-1902
Merica Ray    b.8-24-1913                d.8-28-1998


Bessie        b.5-24-1919                d.7-13-1959
Robert L.     b.7-19-1910                d. 1-6-1964

Andy          b.7-12-1915                d.11-22-1981
Usley B.      b.2-21-1910                d.3-17-1988


Tom           b.4-29-1899                d.1-15-1971
Betty Ray     b.2-25-1899                d.12-3-1977
Sam           b.1883                     d.1952
Grant         b.8-7-1897                 d.4-7-1964


Stanley       b.12-27-1947               d.1-2-1971   Vet(Vietnam)
Easter L.     b.1-13-1928                d.3-24-1960
Charlie       b.2-11-1902                d.7-13-1961
Mary E.       b.1-13-1903                d.5-23-1989


Reed          b.10-18-1892               d.5-18-1950
Emma Jane     b.11-18-1907               d.7-30-1971


Hiram         b.5-3-1835                 d.3-12-1906
George        b.7-27-1911                d.10-26-1992
Elizabeth     b.10-18-1910               d.
Roy           b.3-26-1945                d.3-28-1954
Shellie       b.11-1-1917                d.5-8-1970      WW2
Roma          b.1-31-1898                d.1-24-1983
Henry         b.1889                     d.1961
Rosa          b.4-28-1908                d.1-5-1977
James M.      b.1897                     d.1953


Donnie        b.1956                     d.1991
Charles R.    b.1964                     d.1964

                   Victoria Damrom
                   Ellis Mullins
                   Priantiss Marrs
                   Hasque Newsom
                   Alice Damron Osborne and infant sons
                   Mollie Marrs
                   Willie Marrs
                   Elizabeth Marrs
                   Maryland Mullins
                   Willie Mullins

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